About the Art of Problem Solving Initiative

Founded in 2004, the Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc. was created by people who love math and love teaching to help students access the study of advanced mathematics.

The Initiative began by running the USA Mathematical Talent Search, a nationwide math contest sponsored by the National Security Agency which continues to run to this day. In each round, this contest gives students a full month to work on five challenging proof-based problems. Students then get individual feedback on their work, including comments on their mathematical reasoning and on their proof-writing skills. By taking away the usual time pressures seen in many math contests, students have the opportunity to go more deeply and to explore.

For many years, the Initiative also ran the Local Programs Initiative which provided fiscal sponsorship to math circles and clubs across the country.

Now, the main project of the Initiative is Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), a project to help underserved students find a realistic pathway towards becoming scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers. During the summer after 7th grade, students are invited to participate in a free three-week residential program on a college campus where they gain the academic and social/emotional preparation to succeed in future programs for advanced study. They then receive academic advising throughout 8th grade and high school to help them and their families find the best opportunities for their educations.

The Art of Problem Solving Initiative receives support from Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), which develops resources for high-performing middle and high school students including the largest online community of avid math students in the English-speaking world. The AoPS online school has trained many winners of major national mathematics competitions, including several gold medalists at the International Math Olympiad, Davidson Fellows, and winners of the Intel and Siemens Talent Search competitions.

The Art of Problem Solving Initiative is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It continues to be led by expert mathematicians and educators to this day. Please consider joining our contributors by donating to support advanced math education.

Financial Information

The Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc. makes its financial statements available for public inspection in the interest of greater transparency. Please see below to learn more about the organization.